Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm full of shit!

On at least one topic (others too, no doubt), I'm full of shit! The topic is the "best source of legal downloads". Earlier I enthused that it was "E Music", hands down. A month later I did as I always do...dropped my E-Music account, and moved on...this time to Yahoo Music Unlimited. They simply offered more of the artists I was interested in, and were a great fit for my Sandisk Sansa E250 and Archos GMini402 players.

Besides...with a little bit of software, ANY of these formats can be easily converted to unencrypted mp3. Not that I'd know from personal experience. Breaking DRM is against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and a crime. Even if I paid for the content! What a great law! God bless the (recently departed) republican congress! ;)


Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind that the DMCA was signed into law in 1998 by a Democrat, so really it's both parties to blame for this monstrosity of a bill. Don't think that Hollywood doesn't own both parties' souls, or that one cares about your fair use rights more than the other...

Mike Walker said...

A fair point. DMCA is the fault of both parties, as is NAFTA (though it came under a Democratic president, it was backed mostly by Republicans...part of why I cringe when people call Bill Clinton a "liberal". Morally bankrupt? In his personal life, you betcha'. But a "liberal"? you've got to be kidding!) Very little goes right or wrong without the consent and participation of members on BOTH sides of the aisle! THANKS FOR READING!