Friday, November 9, 2007

HD Radio in the Winston-Salem Journal

The Winston-Salem Journal is preparing an article about HD Radio to appear "late in November", and this morning they interviewed me about the technology, at the suggestion of Denise Franklin, General Manager of my favorite public radio station, and one my wife and I support...WFDD/Winston Salem (88.5FM).

I pointed out the many advantages of HD Radio, including vastly improved sound quality for people like me in "deep fringe" areas, where my choices formerly were "noisy stereo or mono".

I also told him that my first impression of HD Radio was to be stunned by the utter clarity. Individual instruments in an orchestra can be clearly heard. It's the audio equivalent of "cleaning the window". EVERYTHING is crisper and clearer. The background is dead silent. You can hear EVERYTHING in the room when an announcer speaks...papers rustling, chair squeaking, coffee slurping. It's like being IN THE STUDIO.

But more important for people who aren't audiophiles or "radio geeks" is the added variety in programming. HD made it possible for WFDD to continue with the news and talk programming which are so popular, AND return 24/7/365 classical music to the Triad (Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point) area. I pointed out the "extra channels" that I enjoyed on other local stations as well.

I'll let you know how the article turns out. I told the reporter that "there are some people saying nasty things about HD, but if you dig a little you'll find it's VERY FEW PEOPLE who speak in VERY LOUD VOICES", and most of them are owners of small-market stations which can't afford to stay up with the latest technology. Either that or they're owners of AM stations. And to be fair, I pointed out that "while FM HD works just great, I have yet to be convinced that AM HD is an equally wonderful idea". I made him aware that there are some LEGITIMATE concerns about interference, reduced sound quality to existing listeners, and reduced coverage for AM stations.

I know "HD Radio SUCKS", the technology is "DEFECTIVE", I'm a "SHILL", and it's all "A FARCE". That should keep the ONE PERSON who consistently tries to get this crap on my blog satisfied. No need to post your "well-informed" opinions, I've already done it for you.