Monday, December 3, 2007

Winston-Salem Journal article

Welcome readers of the article in today's (Dec 3) Winston-Salem Journal. The Journal did get one thing wrong. This blog isn't JUST about HD Radio. It's about radio, audio, video, and digital multimedia, INCLUDING HD RADIO!

Another point on the article...the comments about interference refer primarily to AM HD. And there isn't any AM HD in the Triad yet, so it really doesn't apply. FM HD works beautifully! Buy an HD Radio, and see for yourself. There are lots of great models. Read more at

Radios are available from MANY locations, including

Best Buy
Circuit City
C Crane
Universal Radio
J&R Music World
The NPR Shop

Later I'll modify this post, and add direct links to radios. In earlier posts you can read more info about HD Radio.

Here's what HD Radio sounds like at my home, in Wilkes County (Boomer) NC

By the way, virtually all HD Radios also receive analog AM Stereo. Here's a sample of what WNMB in North Myrtle Beach sounds like in AM Stereo, as received on an Accurian HD Radio

The least expensive HD Radio now is the HD100/HD101 from Radiosophy, an American company (GO USA!)

This article isn't finished, but it's bedtime, so I'll sign off for now. Thanks for your interest in my blog, and HD Radio!