Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My confession

I love audio equipment. I have my entire life. I have a radio studio/recording facility that I use to produce for clients. I have a very nice audio nice as I can afford. But I must confess that these days I find the most enjoyment listening through headphones to inexpensive, often portable devices. Like my Accurian HD Radio. And various mp3 players through a Koss headphone amplifier^ac^EQ50 into Sennheiser HD-435s (yeah I'd giggle too if I were you. But you'd stop giggling when you actually heard it!) By the way, ignore the specs for the Koss. The bass is flat to 20hz at least...verified with swept test tones I generated in Adobe Audition 2.0).

I actually hear more detail, more musicality from this rig (usually with a very cheap Philips mp3 player or Archos Gmini 402 ) than from most any system through conventional speakers. Even high end systems, with exotic electronics and speakers don't provide the relaxed musicality as this cheap system. Sorry, but it's true. I ENJOY IT MORE, and end up listening lots longer. I tell you that because this blog isn't about bullshit. If I believe something to be true, I'll shout it from the rafters, no matter what anyone thinks...and no matter how contrary it is to "conventional wisdom". And I believe the following to be true...inexpensive, headphone-based equipment these days FREQUENTLY provides more real-world musical enjoyment than expensive, speaker-based systems...even VERY high-end ones. And when bang-for-the-buck is factored in, it's no contest.

Best online resource for LEGAL music downloads? Unless you're into mainstream stuff like Britney or Toby Keith...if you actually go for musical merit over chart position, then it's E-Music hands down!

EXCELLENT sound quality, enormous variety, and forty free songs for joining! NO they're not paying me. But I wouldn't recommend them any higher if they did! No DRM, no weird formats, no bullshit...just VERY high quality mp3s you can play on ANYTHING! Now go listen...TO THE MUSIC, not the audio system!


Anonymous said...


Phew ! I thought you were going to tell us about fantacies of your dog licking sprinkles off you !

Day of the Jackal

Mike Walker said...

Oh, and that too. Thanks for reminding me.