Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NO BS, just the facts, and my views on digital radio, audio, video, and multimedia

Welcome to my new blog. On it, I will bring you the latest news about radio...particularly digital radio (HD, satellite, and internet), audio, video, and multimedia (as in computer-based entertainment).

I look forward to this opportunity. But a word to the wise (and not so wise). This is MY's about my opinions, not a place to air your own. FRIENDLY dissent is welcome, but unreasonable, even hostile dissent will be edited and/or deleted at MY discretion. After can assault, er...bless us with YOUR views on your own blog!

I've been in radio since August of 1974...33 years and counting. Read more about me in my bio, but I'll assert time and again that I LOVE RADIO. Voices through the air at the speed of's MAGIC. And the new digital modes, the improved audio quality and extra services they provide, ARE THE FUTURE. If you disagree, you won't feel very welcome here. And if you disagree in terms I find offensive, you'll be edited and/or deleted.

Ok...there's a brief summary of what to expect. First out of the gate...I am very excited by HD Radio (read more at the official HD Radio website). In November of '06 I purchased what was the least expensive HD radio available...the Accurian table radio from Radio Shack ( I have quite literally never used it as a table radio. The headphone output is actually ideal as a line output, and I have used it as a component tuner in my bedroom system, pulling in a great number of HD stations from Charlotte, Greensboro, Hickory, and Black Mountain (Asheville) NC...up to 100 miles away, with an INDOOR antenna (the Magnum Dynalab SR-100 ( While it has served me shockingly well for an indoor antenna (mounted on the top shelf of my closet, in my home in Boomer NC...Wilkes County, in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains), today I step up to the "big leagues". Today my "new baby" is being installed...a top of the line Antennacraft roof antenna with Channelmaster rotor, and Winegard preamp. It will serve not only my HD Radio needs, but also HDTV (when my Vizio 32" tv arrives on July 7th), and analog radio and tv on my Media Center PC.

Here are some recordings I've made with my rig...examples of what HD Radio sounds like from great distances, with an INDOOR antenna

The second is the "Shuffle Channel" an HD2 stream from WLYT (102.9) in Charlotte NC.

Here's a link to a recording of WFAN (660 AM) in New York, demonstrating the quality of AM HD Radio

And here are some examples of analog reception...some of it pretty impressive in it's own right. First a recording I made with my Grundig S350 (Wide Bandwidth, Center-tuned) of WKSK (580AM) West Jefferson NC...about 35 miles from my home. WKSK has a brand spankin' new transmitter and tower, and state of the art (all digital) studio gear...a real 'class act' of a small market station still SERVING THEIR COMMUNITY. They even feature performances from live musicians on Saturday mornings...sometimes from the station, sometimes from the Ashe Civic Center, so listeners can participate.

Finally, a demo of analog AM stereo...which most new HD Radios support. This is WNMB AM in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina...also recorded from an Accurian HD Radio

I'd LOVE to receive other recordings of HD radio reception. PLEASE send them to me at and I'll gladly host them at my site. If you have REAL recordings of interference caused by HD stations, I'd welcome those as well.

Thanks, and enjoy! Your opinions are welcome. Mine, of course, are the undisputed truth (KIDDING!)

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Anonymous said...

With all of the misinformation out there about HD Radio, I look forward to reading your blog.

I too am excited about this new method of broadcasting and think it holds great promise!